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Venice Pizza Oak Ridge Tennessee is your place for fresh pizza, pasta, calzones, and much more. We also offer appetizers and American favorites for those needing a great burger or sandwich. Venice Pizza also delivers to the greater Oak Ridge area. Let Venice Pizza Oak Ridge Tennessee provide you with freshly prepared meals for lunch or dinner. We can also provide solutions for catering as well. 

When I asked Wiley, the manager/chef at Venice Pizza Oak Ridge Tennessee, what one word would describe the food at his restaurant, he said “fresh.” I wrote that in my notebook, and he pointed at it and shook his head “No,” he said, “I mean FRESH!” So I wrote it in letters one-inch high. Laughing, he shook his head again, and indicated with his hands about two feet apart how high those letters should be. Does that give you an idea of the freshness of the foods served at Venice Pizza Oak Ridge Tennessee? Nothing here originates in frozen form that is simply reheated. Sauces are made from scratch. Breads are baked on the premises – twice a day, so you get the freshest pizza crusts, calzone crusts, and pitas possible.

The story of Venice…Built on top over a hundred islands, seems to emerge out of mystical fogs, drifting on quiet waters. Appearing just as i did long ago to traders and travelers and merchant ships approaching from distant lands, she still continues to enchant vacationer and honeymooners arriving by boat today. She speaks to the heart of lovers and dreamers, business tycoons ad vendors, that nothing new can rival her ancient splendor that her store of hidden treasures and mysteries can never exhausted. The anticipation of the new discoveries belongs to long-time residents and visitors alike as they motor or paddle out to her veiled silhouette on the sea.  Venice -capital of romance  in Venice, you don’t have to look for the romantic – you have come to its world capital. Narrow canals replace streets, with tiny arched bridges connecting the old buildings, and colorful cascades of flowers spilling from balconies take a place of concrete walls. Gondolas and a variety of boats replace cars, and in lieu of honking horns, the sound f singing gondoliers echoes down the canal and cobblestone streets. Alleyways wind through the city like a maze, opening up into surprising, sunny little piazzas wit fountains. In the evenings, patches off fog curl mysteriously through the city in the moonlight, giving it an ethereal, magical atmosphere. Welcome to the place where many a poet and painter, prince, politician and pundit came to find rest and inspiration. 

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